Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Knoeble's Amusment Park--Best Eats!

How cool that on the Food Network's Amusement Park Eats, Knoebles was a main feature! From the alligator to the bison burgers to the waffle ice cream sandwiches to pierogis and Cesari's Hoagi Pizza (my favorite) and also touted their wooden coasters which are the best and highly rated. AWESOME!

If you head there, you MUST get the fresh cut fries.


I love to cook.

While only an amateur on the fine dining front, I certainly appreciate excellent food of all kinds. Living in the region I do, I am fortunate to have grown and been exposed to a variety of ethnic flavors from Polish, German, Jewish, Irish and Italian flavors. The area is rural with a population rich in these backgrounds, having come here for farming and mining, as it is also by the Coal Region. And bordering the farming valleys and the Coal Region is PA Dutch Country.

This makes for an interesting fusion of flavors, rustic but layered with flavors. Due to the prolific fresh produce and products, with many fresh proteins as well, flavors pop due to their freshness and quality and provide a kaleidoscope of flavor as the seasons change.There are also many rural and ethnic festivals that really celebrate food here.

I plan to share from these and family recipes as well, also sharing my favorite places along the way. My friends often tease that they like to travel with me because they always know they will eat and drink well!