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Project Eden Prattsburgh Cattle Drive

 Project Eden Prattsburgh Cattle Drive

We'd like to share a special project with you all. It impacts our family directly and those of fellow veterans. My father is the hospitalized veteran. Some of you know his physical struggles this past year. Despite that, he has still contributed sermons to this site and on facebook under God's direction. Daniel's story of how Project Eden got started is a heart wrenching one of loss and a new beginning for both him and other suffering veterans.

The purpose of Project Eden is to rehab and train PTSS vets on an organic farm, using a very rare herd of exotic miniature cattle. There is a timely need to purchase these cattle, to save a hospitalized veteran from losing his farm to tax sale. This gives the veterans therapy and new self sustaining skills for their new lives. Much of these homesteading skills are almost a lost art themselves and this is a rare opportunity to blend the needed with therapy.

         Project Eden Prattsburgh Cattle Drive

From battle fields to farm fields you can support America's finest by pitching in on Project Eden Prattsburgh's Cattle Drive!

Providing Futures
          My name is Daniel Hoaglin SSG/USA/RET, co-founder of Project Eden Prattsburgh, a branch of Johnny’s New Hope Inc.  I served just shy of 11 years in the US Army when I was wounded in Iraq in 2004, and subsequently medically retired.  I went several months unable to get work, and not receiving my compensation from the Veterans Administration.  Due to this “high level of care” I lost my home, my family’s belongings, and my self-esteem.  After going through several treatment facilities with very little improvement in my condition; my family and I turned to farming to help provide a future for ourselves.
          Project Eden Prattsburgh is located on a family farm set in the tranquil hills surrounding the Finger Lakes in upstate NY.  With the help of Johnny’s New Hope Inc., and Berkana Hill Farm we are making a community centered in agriculture and support for America’s warriors.
          With suicide rates among Afghanistan and Iraq war veterans peeking to 22 per day I needed to make a change.
          We looked for the perfect animals to place on our farm for the production of milk and meat for our veterans; however we were coming up short for most dual purpose cattle are large, unyielding. 
          THEN WE FOUND THEM!  A complete breading herd of miniature White Dexter, and Irish Jersey cattle.  Known for their high quality milk and great feed conversion these hand raised cows are a perfect fit for our cattle requirements to raise, and feed our veteran community.  What makes them so perfect is their docility, and size.  With our veterans coming home with multiple injuries, and difficulties it is important to have an animal that can be handled easily. 

          THAT’S NOT ALL!  We found this herd by fate.  “How’s that?” you ask.  The herd is local to our region and is currently being raised by a veteran and his wife.  They have also fell into huge medical expenses and are about the loose their family farm to taxes.  The purchase of their herd will catch them up so they don’t lose the roof over their head. 
          I knew I needed to help, but I never realized how much I could actually help!  Now not only can your donations help our generation’s veterans, but it also helps the generations before us, and for generations to come by saving another of America’s hero’s family farm.
         These cows are one of the last surviving herds of miniature White Dexter cows in existence.  This herd holds great confirmation and excellent proportion. With our ability to breed these animals and carefully select our stock we can bring them back toward their early glory.
          We need to raise $20,000 by August 10, 2013 to ensure to continuation of this exquisite breed of animal!  With your help, Project Eden Prattsburgh, and Johnny’s New Hope Inc., we can not only save a herd of cows, but we can answer the prayers of the family selling them.  They pray the cows would sell to people whom will honor their work in breeding for perfection, and we can answer that prayer, but only with your help!
          100% of all donations to Johnny’s New Hope Inc., Project Eden Prattsburgh, and Project Eden Prattsburgh Cattle drive, go to the betterment of the lives of combat veterans!  We have no administrative costs, and we feel when you as a donator give to veterans, then every cent you donate should be used to help veterans in need.
          With your generous donation we can help raise money to purchase this lovely herd of cattle, and should these donations supersede our intended amount needed all other monies collected will go directly into combat veteran housing.
          Please if you cannot make a monetary donation don’t think that you can’t help us accomplish our goal.  Make some noise about this campaign, spread the word to your friends and family, or cry out in the streets if you must!  Or if that’s too much then you can check us out, and friend Project Eden Prattsburgh on facebook to keep up with our ever changing community.
          Don’t just claim to be a patriot, show your patriotism and give to an organization who actually gives back to veterans! 

TO DONATE--   This charity is a registered non-profit.


  Daniel J. Hoaglin SSG Ret
    American Legion Commander


    PO Box 112, 6387 Butts Rd.
    Prattsburg, NY 14873