Friday, October 1, 2010

Bloomsburg Fair and the Tradition of Food

All this week the Bloomsburg Fair has been going on. It's not the usual small country fair, typically having well over a 100,000 in attendance for the week with visitors from other countries and all 50 states weighing in.

As can be expected, one of the favorite things for folks at the fair is fair food! I know folks who go almost daily just to eat. Anything you can imagine is there besides all the old traditional favorites. Between the church stands that have been since inception to Heaps, Sunset Ice Cream and Bowmans Fries, and the new trendsetter of the year, whatever it may be, like deep fried bananas, there is something for everyone.

Something new we tried was a pumpkin funnel cake, and it's hard to improve on the original in my mind. However, this lovely treat sprinkled with cinnamon and powdered sugar more than delivered and I'd have taken a picture except it didn't last long enough! They were at Snyder's Funnel Cakes and she will be at Covered Bridges festival at Knoebel's Amusement Park.  Mike already told me to bring one home for him!

Then there are my favorites, Hewlitt's Hot Sausage, Grotto's Pizza, Top of the Beef, John The Greek, Bowmans French Fries, Heaps, Strawberry Ridge Church, Our Lady of Mercy Church and the list goes on.

The one thing I always go for and bring home is the eclair. Not just any eclair mind you, but the best I've ever had that are the real deal with the real Bavarian cream middles and are as big as a loaf of bread. It lasts me a week, which is good because it's a long year in between! They also serve giant cream puffs which are also delectable!

I love to look over the buildings with their arts and crafts and projects. From quilts and photography to the canned goods etc, I am always moved and amazed at the talent here. Here is a blue ribbon winner for the cakes, I just loved the hen in the nest idea and it was beautiful! It deserved to win!

Then there are the harvest displays and scarecrows and such also plus the garden club entries and grange displays. Here are a couple of winners that I liked.

The fair will still be on tomorrow, so come visit and eat your way around, you'll enjoy it!

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