Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christkindl Market

 This past weekend, Mifflinburg PA, hosted the annual Christkindl German Christmas Market. A few block of a couple of streets are turned into the traditional Christmas market with vendors, folk dancers, food, carolers, crafters etc. it is a fun time indeed. So here are few pictures from the day.

 This is the Tinsel Angel and her story is posted in another picture below.

Here are some antique and restored bells.

One of the pretty wreaths.

This is a German Pyramid. They have a neat history all their own and you can read about them at

I love folk art and loved these hand painted game boards.

The top picture and this are from the same Church in Mifflinburg.

Some German folk dancing!

Can't have a festival without food. I was eating brats with saukraut and SpƤtzle and Stollen and, well, you get the idea! Good sharp cheese and garlic balogna courtesy of RISHEL'S MEATSAddress: 701 Walnut ST, Mifflinburg, PA 17844

Another pretty wreath....and game board......

My best friend and I with Old World St. Nicholas. I was unable to get pictures of the beautiful nutcrackers, though.

Live nativity......

Great pickles, extra hot garlic! Courtesy of Peter Piper's Pickles, they ship!

Sign of Mifflinburg.

                                                            The story of the Tinsel Angel.

                                                         One of the many pretty trees......

                                         One of the pretty houses and decorations....................

                                                                     Last wreath..................

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