Thursday, July 31, 2014

My Garden Project...

So, some may wonder what's kept me so busy that I have been neglectful posting. Well, this year, besides the little garden I put in next to the house, we got an actual garden in as well, a plot roughly 30 x 20. This is a labor of love for me this year after the terribly hard winter we had. I ordered all GMO free heirloom organic seed and all seedlings I started inside myself and then we transplanted and planted the rest the end of May. The garden is also pesticide and herbicide free.  My other half has been a great help. Most things are doing wonderfully, only a couple of duds. I plan to save seed from what I like this year. Our sweet corn is just developing ears now. I also have onions, watermelon, lettuce, parsnips, broccoli, cauliflower, pole beans and pole cucumbers. Those last two are not happy campers. I have been getting tons of zucchini from the garden for over a week now. But I'll share what else I have coming!

I have 5 varieties of tomatoes planted. Amish paste, Romas, Purple giants, Polish giants, and supersonics.

Below is my Hubbard squash

This is my spaghetti squash vines going crazy, the fence did not contain them!

This is my volunteer pumpkin. I did not plant this. But the seeds from my pumpkins I decorated with for Halloween must really like it there, because it took off! I don't have to buy pumpkins this year! Who would have guessed the rocky corner of my walk would make them happy.....

Some of the zukes I harvested...

And my kohlrabi!

This is the bed by my house with tomatoes and bell peppers planted in it and marigolds to keep them pest free. They are a good companion planting with tomatoes. 

I hope to have enough tomatoes to can salsa (it's different and awesome) and my spaghetti sauce (also my own and awesome) for this year. I am going to have tons of spaghetti squash and plan to can that as well. We hope to have enough corn to freeze a bit as well. 

And that is why I have been so busy! We've had some changes as well, and the animal parts of that will be in my next post! It's a feast or famine kind of day!

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