Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Year, New Goals!

          First, I need to apologize. I sure meant to post long before now, especially with holiday/winter recipes. But I guess it still isn't too late. I was so swamped with work November and December and then got sick for Christmas besides that I just didn't have the time nor energy until this point. My goal is to update at least monthly, and eventually, weekly.
          Some New Year traditions include eating surf and turf New Year's Eve, and then having pork and saurkraut with mashed potatoes, dumplings and corn on New Year's Day. The custom to eat pork on the first day of the year is because pigs root and dig ahead, and so eating pork on this day brings good luck of moving ahead in the coming year. Oviously, this will leave my kosher friends out but we have meals for them as well for celebrating the JewishNew Year which is already past
       So, I am going to start sorting and sharing some recipes here, and try to make up for some lost time. It's cold and icy out, so a good time to look through recipes!

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