Monday, December 24, 2012


                                                           Merry Christmas Eve!

It's a white Christmas  Had a lovely mass and dinner with ham, plain and sauerkraut pierogies,

 cranberry salad, orange fluff, cheesy salsa beer bread with spinach dip, clam dip and crackers, potato casserole, broccoli salad, Swedish meatballs, Mexican BBQ beans,  tiramisu, deviled 

eggs, and a host of other goodies. Merry Christmas, everyone!

                         Christmas Promise
You made outdoors Thy temple, Lord, to fit our simple prayer
That Christmas time may touch the hearts of all men everywhere
With Thine own brand of mercy, human kindness and the best
of good old freedom feelin's that we hold to in the West.

Don't let no hearts feel hopeless, Lord.  No matter who they are,
Help them look up for comfort to the Promise of the Star.
We ask no special favors, Lord, except to hope You'll bless
The friends and kin whom we hold dear, with Christmas happiness.
© 1966, S. Omar Barker, reprinted with the permission of the estate of S. Omar Barker, further reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. 

Elsa and S. Omar Barkerphoto courtesy of the estate of S. Omar Barker

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