Monday, September 13, 2010

The Garden Starts Yielding

It's been a busy month for sure. It was so dry and hot that many crops suffered greatly until we started getting rain last week. WE had been irrigating the garden from the spring so that was OK. We've had our first peas from the garden, and the lima pods are filing up and sweet corn is tasseling out. Mike's mom has some first tomatoes on and tons of zucchini. I love this time of year.

I made a Montreal seasoned pork roast tonight with roasted new carrots and zucchini/red potato latkes. These were excellent and a little more mild and sweeter than lain potato latkes. I mean really, what can't you make zucchini with?

Tomorrow I am going to do a stuffed eggplant.

I wanted to share a neat article from today:

Local food trend helps more folks eat fresh fruits, veggies

and a mention of a great new book.  I am a huge proponent of eating local and organic. Support your local growers.

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