Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Some Links Worth Checking Out

I want to share some links for local things that I like and am a regular customer or fan of. If in the area or even if you aren't some of these are things you have to visit, try, or have shipped.

Right up the road from me is Rohrbach's Farm Market. They host a lot of festivals, from strawberry, peach, corn, etc and have cool things in the fall like their huge corn maze and events. A lot of great baked goods, produce, grass fed beef, canned PA Dutch goods and mixes like from New hope Mill, nice country gift shop, and my favorite? Raw milk. The raw milk is from a local Jersey (cow) dairy and just as sweet and rich as can be with no hormones or other nasty questionable stuff. And, most folks allergic to store milk can drink raw milk just fine because the enzymes have not been broken down.

Here's a nifty site for eating well in the Susquehanna Valley are of Northeastern, PA. It lists your local farm markets and producers. I am also going to start compiling a list of local restaurants that have a varied seasonal and local menu. You can download or send for a free copy.

Speaking of Farm Markets, one of my favorites for its natural grass fed beef and lamb and pork, organic veggies, and even wild Alaskan salmon is Forks Farm Market, also not far from me. Really excellent quality. If you aren't raising your own to the exacting organic standards, then this is next best. After all, farming/homesteading isn’t for everyone.

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